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Markets Goldman Sachs, Soros Bet on the Uber of Brazilian Trucking

Escrito por Ana Beatriz

Data: 19/06/2018

Estamos novamente em destaque na imprensa internacional como “Uber of Brazilian Trucking”. Confira o que a Bloomberg disse sobre a gente:

Brazilian truckers still get much of their business off of handwritten placards.

The antiquated and inefficient system was ripe, low-hanging fruit to Federico Vega. While cycling from Patagonia to Brazil, the Argentine met truckers who complained of spending most of their time looking for freight, receiving low wages, and dealing with disorganized transportation companies that sometimes reneged on payment.

So Vega built CargoX, an Uber-like enterprise that links truckers and companies requiring their services. It also guarantees payment and maximizes logistics so cargo holds don’t go empty.

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